Activity 2 – Blog case study

Linda Lomelino, blog Callmecupcake

Although Linda is just an amateur in the culinary world she also loves the colorful sweet cakes. She decided to study baking and captured images about her cakes and upload them on her personal blog to share simple recipes.

Linda came as a food photographer, so it is not difficult for her to arrange and decorate her cakes to look extremely beautiful, eye-catching and full of art. Currently, her main occupation is still a photographer, but at the same time, her main talent has made her a favorite blogger in youth communities worldwide.

I’m a food lover especially cakes so I usually search on website about cakes, recipes or places to enjoy. I found her blog when I was searching about famous food bloggers in the world. I like her blog because the presentation is simple but still very delicate, make viewers are attracted. Sorting by topic, images and content are very neatly and professionally, not distracting as some other blogs. Some blogs about food are well known however, the presentation of too many images and content on the same page also makes viewers feel boring. Besides, one thing that I feel quite excited that viewers can communicate with her via multiple social accounts, audience can comment directly below content and the great thing is she always answered their questions as well as give some tips or advice. It’s a very effective way of communication between the audience and blogger.

I think the success of a blog depends on the social media. We can see that in Linda’s blog, it has many sharing buttons to her social networks (such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Therefore, she can extend the scope and audience. In addition, to attract viewers, she has updated her blog frequently to make it always fresh and outstanding.


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