Blog entry (Activity 1 – Reading short literature review)

Based on 2 readings, I sum up about what a blog is and how they developed.

Blogs (or weblog, personal web page or online diary) is a form of online diary which appeared from the late 90’s. Blogger can be a person or a group. They can write whatever they want, but mostly each blog often about one field and they presented personal perspective based on their knowledge and their understanding or their experiences.

 Content and theme of blog are very varied, but typically are personal stories, news, list of web links, news stories or critiques of something. Besides that, bloggers can also use their blog to develop a career, work, earn profit, build up personal branding, etc.

Normally, a blog will be designed based on the way the organization: the latest news will be on top, for easy tracking viewers and blog updates. Each “post” (newsletter) will comprise three main properties: title (like titles of each article) is a general content, time post (Date / Time) to show the time that newsletter is sent or updated information, and of course the next is the content of that topic (the information you want to send to everyone). Due to the personal nature of blogs, so the idea of story is often written in a “In my opinion”, or “I found that” … Also, another segment is seen as a characteristic of “blog” is “Comment” which shows  the feedback from readers to that information.

Blog is presented as an opinion, writers convey their experiences to viewers or in other words, the reader feels more friendly when they read blog, instead of finding out the general information on the Internet.


  • 1994: Justin Hall created
  • Claudio Pinhanez began posting his short article on a website that he called “Open Diary”
  • In December 1997, the term “weblog” began to appear. The name was proposed by Jorn Barger – the creator of Robot Wisdom website.
  • The period after the 19th century witnessed a rapid increase in resources which was created just for bloggers. Open Diary was released in October 1998 and quickly became one of the most powerful blogging platform. As its name, Open Diary was an open community platform and the first platform of using membership model to enable the participants to comment other people’s posts.
  • At the end of the 19th century, blogging had a significant impact on many people’lives. People began to find ways to earn profit via their blogs and this is also a milestone of a new stage of development of blogging: blogging became a “hotbed” for business and bloggers are well respected than before.
  • In the beginning of 2000, people can see the first signs of the emergence of political blogs.





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