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Nowadays, it’s easier to get information from the Internet, with the sense of being anonymous that make some people tend to do the wrong things, or easily ignore the ethics, copyright issues or privacy issues.

Over the years, the issue of management and protection of copyright and related rights has been paid special attention and implemented by the people. The rights and legitimate interests of the stakeholders are gradually being protected. However, the issue of infringe copyright and related rights still take place in many different fields in various forms and complexity.

Besides that, recent phenomenon of fabricated information, slander, smear, fraud are appearing more and more on the internet. This dangerous phenomenon is pressing in the public opinion as well as posing legal requirements, ethics related to blogs, social networking becomes urgent.

Internet copyright infringement occurs in all sorts of categories such as: literature, arts and culture, music, film, and television programs. With the huge profits gained from piracy, more and more organizations and individuals invest in this illegal business. It is impossible to count how many digital music websites and online movie websites are illegal, as well as literature and poetry websites. Because the owners of these websites are willing to give away their website addresses if it were inspected, checked and then replace with a new website and continue the infringement of copyright.

The number of piracy is getting higher because people lack of a sense of observance of copyright and related rights. There is still a habit of using illegal source for free, especially the attitude of intentionally breaking the law. In addition, the right holders have not actively applied the law to protect their legal rights.

Copyright infringement is not just an illegal and unethical act, but it also creates an unfair competitive advantage with the profit of illegal activities via effort and investment of businesses who are trying to promote productivity and security in the industry. It is our responsibility to create a healthy business environment by educating and advocating the rights to protect businesses.

The Internet is a virtual “world” confused between virtual and real; Interspersed with the good and the bad, the threat with all kinds of fraud, theft (email, password, information and etc.), invasion of privacy, slander, fabricated. That is the “world” with innumerable virtual relationships is established by anonymity, and the management is so loose that bad guys can steal, copy information in front of the owners, and use it for the individual purposes without any moral or legal responsibility. That fact requires the management and regulation of the law; In other words, people should understand clearly about ethics, copyright and Intellectual property.




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