My online media use, day 1

I use Facebook, which is a very popular social network now. I especially like watching videos from Tasty Facebook page because they always make the length of cooking video as short as possible. Besides that, thank to Facebook that I can remember a lot of special days such as my friends’ birthday or anniversary. I regularly use Facebook to update information as well as contact friends, relatives and it has many features such as:

Update status: I easily see and post a lot of status with different types of emotions. It can be uncomfortable, fun, happy, angry, excited and etc.

Like and comment: Although Facebook is a virtual social network, the likes and comments have a big impact on real people and the truth.

“Block” is intended to help your account be as safe as possible. There are many content or people that you do not like but appear on the Newsfeed too much. Just a click, you will not have to see them again.

Free to upload photos/videos and check in what/where I feel it is interesting and want to share to everyone.

In addition, Facebook can help me share, contact, find information of friends and relatives quite easily or even I can earn money by posting stuff that I want to sell.

However, one thing I quite do not like when using Facebook is information security. Although, it has many functions to users such as blocking, security, privacy etc. but Facebook account is still a very easy hack account. Information, images or content of Facebook is easy to download and copy so it is very common situation that some people are cheated via fake Facebook account or spams. It can be said that I use Facebook everyday especially when I have free time or I feel bored.


One thought on “My online media use, day 1

  1. Hey!
    How good is the Tasty Facebook page! i can spend hours on end watching those videos, they are great!
    Facebook notifications for birthdays are such good reminders too, i rely way too much on these haha!
    stay cool 🙂


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