My online media use, day 2

Today I used Instagram, this is a free application for sharing photos and videos on iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone. With Instagram, I can easily upload photos and videos to share with my followers. I can also view, comment, like, share photos & videos of people who I followed.


I like to use Instagram because it seems simpler than other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. I often check photos or short videos from people who I followed and leave a comment, a like or share it with others. Unlike Facebook, we may have to add friends to be able to view each other’s content, Instagram allows me to easily follow celebrities and I can follow anyone who I feel like their content is interesting. It also allows me to block fake accounts or someone that I do not like. One more thing that I like about Instagram is when you post something in your Instagram account, you can share it to another account such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr etc. It’s very convenient because you do not have to upload it again in another account.

I usually upload 2 or 3 photos a week, it can be my selfie or what I am interesting and want to share to everyone. Most of my photos are about food, I love to take food photos in various angles then upload them to Instagram. I use the filter function to change the color or style to make the photo more eye-catching. Besides, I also use hashtag such as with photos about food I will set the hashtag “food”, “sweet”, “instafood”, “delicious” etc. Of course, I hope that my photos will attract a lot of “Like”.

In my opinion, Instagram is also a pretty complex social network because there are some cases that users are hacked accounts for such purposes as advertising or spams. Currently, Instagram is developing new features that appeal to many users, especially young people.


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