My online media use, day 3

Today, I used Youtube and WordPress for my studying.

I watched the True lies Documentary lecture on YouTube before going to class. I feel that this is a great learning method as it will help some students who are unable to attend classes to grasp the content of the lesson anytime and anywhere. Besides, I also have my own YouTube account so I checked the view after watching the lecture. Also, I usually check new videos from the channels that I subscribed to. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, I feel that YouTube is a place where you can earn money if your videos have many views and many people subscribe it. However, to achieve that, you must be very persistent and diligent to upload videos which have interesting content and good quality. One thing to worry about here is the copyright issue because viewers can easily download your videos and use for their own purposes even they know it is illegal to do that. I can say that I watch videos on YouTube every day to study, research and entertain.

I used WordPress to upload my daily blog. I have only recently used WordPress so I have not fully explored all its features. However, I think WordPress is also quite easy to use because the management of pages, articles, categories, links is very easy. It has many different language for its different users. It also can develop a variety of websites with friendly usability even I do not know anything about the code I’m still can used it. I can see that there are many bloggers are getting famous via WordPress. The thing that I like about WordPress is that I can choose the theme that I like. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, there are many free themes that we can use to design our blog.


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