My online media use, day 4

Today I used Instagram, YouTube and Facebook

I went to a new Korean restaurant and I took a lot of beautiful photos of food. I posted it on Instagram and share it to my Facebook account. I used some hashtags such as “food”, “Instafood”, “Koreanfood” etc. The thing that I like about Instagram is when I want to comment on my photo or comment on a friend’s photo, I can also use Emoji to express my opinion and attitude. It has a lot of Emoji in many themes or topics. I often update Instagram than Facebook because I just like to see photos or short videos rather than reading the long news, notice, and advertising.

While waiting for train I checked my Facebook. I read the newfeeds and read news from some of the groups that I have joined in. For example, I checked the Free stuff Melbourne group and looking for the free stuff that I needed. Then, I checked VISAR (Vietnamese International Students Association @ RMIT) group to see new information about studying, working or sharing experiences from other Vietnamese students. And finally, the C31 Production Noticeboard group to check information about interns, jobs and volunteers for the programs/shows.

Besides that, I watched some music and cooking videos and on YouTube for about 15 minutes. I often watch videos in the channels that I subscribed such as Cho’s daily cook or Maangchi for cooking videos. Sometimes, I watch videos from the recommended part because it may have some interested videos that I do not know before.


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