My online media use, day 5

Today I used WordPress to update my blog. I just created at the beginning of March so I do not have many posts. Besides, I used Snapchat to share a short video that I took by my phone. I met a singer on Bourke Street and I felt like his music. I filmed it and shared it in my Snapchat account. I also add text and icons to my video. Before I use Snapchat, I usually use phone camera to film or take photos and then share it on my Facebook or Instagram. However, since I have used Snapchat, I can share my photos or videos at the time of recording without having to wait for a long time to upload on Facebook. Although the length of filming was limited in Snapchat, the videos and photos were recorded and uploaded from Snapchat are more real and more alive. One thing that makes me happy to use Snapchat is the speed of Snapchat sharing is extremely fast, much faster than Instagram, users can immediately get the message. Perhaps the reason is that Snapchat does not have heavy data because the data will be cleaned every 24 hours. At the same time, I also love to use the Lenses feature. When using the camera to take selfie, I can press and hold on my face to access a new feature called Lenses. Lenses are built-in face recognition capabilities to add effects to the most accurate and appropriate. There are some popular lenses such as: Friend face swap, dog, butterfly, flower crown etc. During my free time, I can check videos or photos of celebrities that I added on my account.



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