My online media use, day 6

Today I used Facebook to contact my group (Media 3). We have an upcoming assessment and we use Facebook to discuss and share information. I feel like this way of communication is quite effective because we do not need to go face to face meeting and of course we save time of traveling. I also applied this method for other courses which requires group work. I receive notifications whenever someone post or upload something in Facebook. At the same time, I sent birthday wishes to my friend thanks to the announcement from Facebook. I like this feature on Facebook as it reminds me of my friend’s birthday, even telling me who’s next birthday. I’m not good at remember date so it is very useful for me. Then I quickly check Give Away Free Stuff in Melbourne group on Facebook to find anything that may useful for me.

Besides, I also used Instagram while waiting for train. I check photos and leave some “likes” and “comments” below the post of my friends. To be able to say, I use Instagram everyday just to see photos and videos of people who I followed. Via their photos, I know a lot of things, such as the angle, the light to make photos more attractive, which restaurant has delicious food by location search in Instagram, when is the Sale of the clothes brands that I love, the recipes for cooking, new makeup products and so on.

I also used WordPress to upload blog as well as edit some blogs that I feel like it need to be changed.


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