My online media use, day 7

Today I used Facebook to contact with my group member and check new notifications from C31 Production Noticeboard, VISAR (Vietnamese International Students Association @ RMIT) and Give Away Free Stuff in Melbourne.

Then I checked my Twitter. I rarely use Twitter because most of my friends do not use Twitter so I only use Twitter to follow celebrities. It may be because Twitter is less popular than Facebook in my country. Twitter allows users to post a message that contains a maximum of 140 characters which is called “tweets” and follow other people’s Twitter posts. It is mainly used to communicate with other individuals with similar interests regardless of whether users know each other out of Twitter or not, and it also has the feature of tracking and updating news from celebrities. Users can also upload pictures, share links and send private messages to the person they are following. However, you cannot create photo albums related to your theme or topic, making it difficult to find or review later.


Compare the safety and security of Facebook and Twitter. I find that Facebook allows users to choose different types of security settings, some of which are not even searchable on Graph search except for their friends. Users can change the security settings on individual posts, including Public mode, Friends, Only me, or Custom). Twitter has two security settings: Public and Private. Private messages can only be read by the followers. Twitter’s private messages do not have other security settings. Therefore, I feel that using Facebook is more safe and convenient. In my opinion, Facebook is easy to use than Twitter although both of them are free for user.


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