Analysis blog entry 1- Evidence

My common media use are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Snapchat and Twitter. It can be said that I used them everyday for many purposes. During 7 days (a week), I read and research about “Online Media” in the process of writing blogs for My Online Media use documentation. I started from simple questions such as what is Facebook? What is Instagram? what is Snapchat? What is Online media? etc. From that I understood more deeply about their origin and their main functions. After that, I write down on my blog about what I learnt so I can easily remember. In addition, I also compare the strengths and weaknesses between them. Before, I used them without understanding it truly. For example, I used Facebook and Snapchat because they are so popular and recommended by my friends. Besides, I use Twitter because I know a lot of celebrities use them and it allow me to easily update information from them. I started using Instagram when I noticed that there are too many nice photos uploaded from this app even some people are getting famous and have number of followers. I also created a YouTube account for my study and work. Finally, I know WordPress thanks to this course. Through the process of blogging about my online media use, I can understand better about my online accounts as well as online media, helping me make the most of the benefits of them, rather than just for learning, studying and entertainment. Not only that, I also understand the value, power and influence of online media in today’s life.


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