Analysis blog entry 3 – Reflecting on the reflection

I figured out that learning about Online Media as well as issues related to authoring, publishing and distribution is extremely important. To understand these topics clearly, I not only have to search information online but also read a lot of books and news. I find myself need to consider about how to use online media smarter and avoid to download free information such as movies, photos and music from illegal websites. Besides, I realized that many people use online media everyday but do not know about authoring, publishing and distribution especially young generation. Although I had learned basic knowledge of these issues through previous courses, but the continuous development of technology, the term of authoring, publishing and distribution became more and more complex for users. Therefore, I did not pay attention on them and usually think what I am doing is not illegal. That is why I often downloaded songs or movies from the Internet without caring about the authors, publish and copyright. However, thanks to this research, I understand what I should do and should not do to avoid using information unlawfully. I suppose the problem here is partly due to the user’s consciousness. Some people know their behavior is illegal, but they deliberately do it. In short, through my media use (my online accounts) as well as readings I learned a lot of things that I did not know or care it about before. Moreover, I also know how to protect my information as well as using other people’s information and documents legally.


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