Authoring, publishing and distributing online media

The young generation is now entering in the world of Media and at the same time it is also rapidly changing the world around us with super-fast speeds. However, most of us are just people who are using, exploiting utilities from Media and do not understand the origin, nature and function of them. New Media includes things such as digital TV, mobile TV, and the most important is the Internet. Then, the Internet includes online newspapers, online radio (podcasting), online TV (YouTube), social networking, blogs, forums, phone call/video call (Skype) and etc. Every day, people are using them and so familiar with the applications of the Internet, but that does not mean they are aware of how the internet is changing the way we live and how it affects our society. On a broader scale, we will hear the phrase “Social Media.” Social Media has many forms, but it can be divided into two features: social networking sites to share personal information (Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo etc.) and network for sharing resource (YouTube, Flickr, Scribed and many other websites) (Kaplan & Haenlein 2010). Interaction on social media helps the information to spread quickly and efficiently. Everyone can easily share information in the form of text, pictures, music and videos. The scope of Social Media is very large, due to the connection of users and the influence of the members, so each content will have a lot of opinions in different directions. This essay will discuss as well as reflect what I learned, what I got from using of some online accounts and websites. In addition, I also assess myself lacking any knowledge or skills to be able to use Media smarter and more effective.

During writing 7 blogs and analysis, I read and research about Online Media, New Media and Social Media. I started from simple questions such as what is Facebook? What is Instagram? what is Snapchat? What is Online media? and etc. From that I understood more deeply about their origin and their main functions. Through the process of blogging about my online media use and analysis, I can understand better about my online accounts as well as online media, helping me make the most of the benefits of them, rather than just for learning, studying and entertainment. Not only that, I also understand the value, power and influence of online media in today’s life.

Because of the popularity and globalization of Social media. I also created a YouTube channel to upload videos that I have already filmed and edited by myself. It is one of my hobbies as well as a way for me to practice my filming and editing skills. I do not set a specific time or specific goal for uploading a video, I only do when I have free time or have a good idea that I want to try. The topic of my videos is mostly a view of where I have had a chance to visit or even just short videos of my daily routine. Most of them are about 3 to 4 minutes in length with music. Besides, I also use it as a main part of my online portfolio. It is useful for my resume as a videographer/director.

Many years ago, using the Internet is synonymous with the exchange, collect and use free information and knowledge. In this environment, Internet users can search and gather information anywhere and anytime. Information can be images, sounds and other types of information. It is uploaded online and allows sharing in a group of users or extend to allow everyone to access.

Every Internet user can perform the act of sharing the work to others, without prevention by any factors (Lee 2010). So, if a work is published on the Internet without the permission of the copyright owner, the damage will be huge. In this case, unlawfully published works will result in the transmission, copying, and even distribution, which will adversely affect the rights of the author or copyright holder.

However, it is important to recognize that the ability to publish, disseminate, distribute and store works on the Internet is fast and easy with globally scale which have both positive and negative sides to the protection of copyright. On the positive side, the Internet helps authors and copyright holders promote their work to a wider audience more conveniently and economically than traditional methods (Chandler 2015). The Internet also makes it easier to commercialize these products at much lower costs than traditional trade. For example, when a music album is uploaded to a website, users from anywhere in the world who can connect to the Internet can access, listen and even copy or download it. Moreover, the owners of the work do not have to pay a lot of money for producing, packaging, distributing and marketing CDs / DVDs to actual addresses. As well as, distribution is also not difficult for asking the procedures or another complicated license.

On the other hand, the Internet also facilitates the user to access, use, or even commercialize unauthorized works without paying, thereby damaging the copyright owner. With a huge number of Internet users and millions of websites nowadays, controlling all content posted on all websites to ensure copyright protection is almost impossible.

To conclude, I figured out that learning about Online Media as well as issues related to authoring, publishing and distribution is extremely important. I find myself need to consider about how to use online media smarter and avoid to download free information such as movies, photos and music from illegal websites. Although I had learned basic knowledge of these issues through previous courses, but the continuous development of technology, the term of authoring, publishing and distribution became more and more complex for users. Therefore, I did not pay attention on them and usually think what I am doing is not illegal. That is why I often downloaded songs or movies from the Internet without caring about the authors, publish and copyright. However, thanks to this research, I understand what I should do and should not do to avoid using information unlawfully. I suppose the problem here is partly due to the user’s consciousness. Some people know their behavior is illegal, but they deliberately do it. In short, through my media use (online accounts) as well as readings I learned a lot of things that I did not know or care it about before. Moreover, I also know how to protect my information as well as using other people’s information and documents legally.


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